Handchimes & Belleplates Pedagogy

Course No.:TBP220301

This course is designed for new directors and instructors of handchime choirs. It aims to help directors to train ringers of newly formed choirs in a more effective manner. Participants will be able to put theories regarding the teaching of handchime/belleplate playing introduced into practice. Hands-on exercise on rehearsing and conducting, as well as warm-up exercise for ringers will be included. The course also provides participants with training on how to prepare for handbell concerts as well as selecting the appropriate repertoire for their choirs. (Belleplates are new members of the handbell family, it is rung in the same manner with handchimes and are relatively lighter, making them ideal for young ringers.)

Course Content:

a. Basic handchime and belleplate techniques and teaching
b. Conducting skills
c. Effective rehearsals
d. Recruiting and integrating ringers
e. Developing sense of rhythm and concentration among choir members
f. Choosing appropriate repertoires
g. Performance issues: venue, equipment and apparel

Course Target:New directors and instructors of handchime choirs

Date and Time: 網上錄影片段觀看
實體課程 日期:

技巧實踐課 6月15日 6:30-8:30pm (2小時)

指揮初探課程 6月18日 及 6月25日 6:30-8:30pm (共兩堂4小時)

Course Fee: $2500 網上錄影片段
〔可以$500 加購6小時實體課程〕
Course Amount: Location: 錄影片段觀看 及 香港手鈴藝術學院(觀塘)
Course Period: 6小時(網上錄影片段觀看) 加購 6小時 (實體課程) Extend Course: 手鈴初級課程手鈴指揮初階課程